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Table Of Contents for Roofs and Roofing - roof installing, roof instructions, rolled roofing, tin roof, copper roof, sheet roof, install, instructions

Roofs and Roofing, Roll Roofing Chapter with installing instructions - Page Samples

Roofing Installation Instructions for roll roof, tin roof, sheet roof, copper roof, installing roofs









The Science and Technology
of Traditional and Modern
Roofing Systems

by: Dr. H. Laaly

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Expanded Table of Contents
Chapter NamePgs
69Safety in Roofingp. 74
Introductionp. 1
Establishing a safety programp. 1
What are the basics of a safety program?p. 2
Personal Safetyp. 1
Correct posturep. 1
Using a hammer safelyp. 1
Eye Protectionp. 1
Respiratory Protectionp. 1
Skin Protectionp. 1
Protective Clothingp. 2
Findings on Sunburnp. 1
Skin Cancerp. 1
Burn Prevention and Treatmentp. 1
Lung Cancerp. 1
Occupational Safetyp. 1
Generalp. 1
Slips on the Roofp. 1
Falling from the Roofp. 3
Do you know how to lift?p. 2
Roof Removal or Tear-Offp. 2
Equipment Safetyp. 1
Transporting Equipmentp. 1
General Equipment Safetyp. 1
Set-Up and Usagep. 1
Asphalt Tanker Safetyp. 1
Asphalt Kettle Safetyp. 2
Torch Safetyp. 1
Power Tool Safetyp. 1
Powder-Actuated Tool (PAT) Safetyp. 2
PAT Tool Operationp. 1
Ladder Safetyp. 3
Scaffold Safetyp. 1
Conveyor Safetyp. 1
In Case of An Electrical Accidentp. 1
Hoist Safetyp. 1
Fork Lift Safetyp. 1
Safety Equipmentp. 1
Respiratorsp. 1
Sloped Roof Safetyp. 1
Lifelinesp. 1
Guardrailsp. 1
Modified Bitumen Safety Gearp. 1
Safety Devices And Signsp. 1
Fall Arrestersp. 1
Material Safetyp. 1
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)p. 2
Coal Tar Pitchp. 1
Guidelines for the Use of Coal Tar Bitumen and Asphalt in the Installation of Built-Up Roofing Systemsp. 1
Single Ply Solvents and Adhesivesp. 1
Fire Safetyp. 1
Federal Government Health and Safety Agenciesp. 1
Epap. 1
Oshap. 2
Nioshp. 1
Safety Codes And Standardsp. 1
Labor and Environmental Standards Applicable to Built-Up Roofingp. 2
First Aid Measuresp. 1
Amputationp. 1
Bleedingp. 2
Burnsp. 1
Clothing Snagged In Machineryp. 1
Fallsp. 1
Muscle Strainsp. 1
Shock Treatmentp. 1
Hazardous Compoundsp. 3
Recent Studies On Roofing Safety - An Overviewp. 6
Educational Programs In Safetyp. 1
References And Further Readingp. 10

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