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Table Of Contents for Roofs and Roofing - roof installing, roof instructions, rolled roofing, tin roof, copper roof, sheet roof, install, instructions

Roofs and Roofing, Roll Roofing Chapter with installing instructions - Page Samples

Roofing Installation Instructions for roll roof, tin roof, sheet roof, copper roof, installing roofs









The Science and Technology
of Traditional and Modern
Roofing Systems

by: Dr. H. Laaly

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Expanded Table of Contents
Chapter NamePgs
37Standing Seam Metallic Roofing Systemsp. 50
Introductionp. 1
Groups And Types Of Sheet Metal Roofsp. 3
Materials And Designp. 2
Slope Considerationsp. 1
Finishes On Metalsp. 1
Anodizingp. 1
Hardcoat Processp. 1
Two-Step Hardcoat Processp. 1
Porcelainsp. 1
Powdered Metal Coatingsp. 1
Architectural Coatingsp. 1
Siliconized Acrylic and Polyester Paintsp. 1
Fluoropolymersp. 1
Acrylic Polyurethanesp. 2
Metal Building Insulationp. 2
Condensation And Ventilationp. 1
Thermal Expansion And Contractionp. 1
Expansion Jointsp. 1
Galvanic Actionp. 1
Erosionp. 1
Stainingp. 1
Installationp. 1
Preparation of the Substratep. 1
Panformersp. 1
Fastening Techniques For Metal Roofing Systemsp. 1
Concrete Decksp. 1
Steel Decksp. 1
Vapor Retardersp. 1
Copper Roofing Installationp. 1
Reroofing With Metalp. 1
Reroofing over BURp. 2
Reroofing over Metalp. 1
Metal Roof Maintenancep. 1
Paintsp. 1
Coatingsp. 1
Sealantsp. 1
Maintenance Systemsp. 1
Quality Control, Performance, Standards & Metal Roofing Publicationsp. 4
Recent Studies On Metal Roofing - An Overviewp. 2
Metal Roofing Educational Coursesp. 2
Zinc Roofingp. 1
Copper Roofingp. 1
Metal Roof Terminationsp. 1
Metal Roofing Manufacturers And Suppliersp. 3
References And Further Readingp. 7

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