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Table Of Contents for Roofs and Roofing - roof installing, roof instructions, rolled roofing, tin roof, copper roof, sheet roof, install, instructions

Roofs and Roofing, Roll Roofing Chapter with installing instructions - Page Samples

Roofing Installation Instructions for roll roof, tin roof, sheet roof, copper roof, installing roofs









The Science and Technology
of Traditional and Modern
Roofing Systems

by: Dr. H. Laaly

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Expanded Table of Contents
Chapter NamePgs
33Adhesion and Adhesivesp. 52
Introductionp. 1
Terms Used In Adhesion Science And Technologyp. 2
The Theory Of Adhesionp. 1
Adhesion Bondsp. 2
Surface energy of solidsp. 1
Interdiffusion theoryp. 1
Wetting and settingp. 2
Wood As An Adherendp. 1
Basic structure of woodp. 1
Bulk properties of woodp. 3
Plastics As Adherendsp. 1
Bulk properties of plasticsp. 3
Surfaces of plastics and their preparation for bondingp. 1
Metals As Adherendsp. 3
Metal surfaces and their preparation for bondingp. 1
Bonding elastomers to metal substratesp. 1
Selecting An Adhesivep. 1
Natural And Synthetic Rubber Adhesivesp. 2
Hot Melt Adhesivesp. 1
Thermoplastic rubbersp. 1
Adhesive Emulsionsp. 1
Acrylic Adhesivesp. 1
Phenolic Resin Adhesivesp. 1
Urea-formaldehydep. 1
Polyurethane And Isocyanate Based Adhesivesp. 1
Epoxy Resinsp. 1
Asphalt As An Adhesivep. 1
Testingp. 1
Tests on adhesivesp. 1
Tests on bonded joints and assembliesp. 2
Testing Adhesives Prior To Bondingp. 3
Tests For Screening New Adhesive Productsp. 2
Non-Destructive Testingp. 2
Adhesion And Cohesion Of Rubberized Asphaltsp. 1
Adhesion Of Coatingsp. 2
Other Useful Adhesive Informationp. 3
Adhesive Storagep. 1
Adhesive Manufacturers And Suppliersp. 1
References And Further Readingp. 6

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