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Table Of Contents for Roofs and Roofing - roof installing, roof instructions, rolled roofing, tin roof, copper roof, sheet roof, install, instructions

Roofs and Roofing, Roll Roofing Chapter with installing instructions - Page Samples

Roofing Installation Instructions for roll roof, tin roof, sheet roof, copper roof, installing roofs









The Science and Technology
of Traditional and Modern
Roofing Systems

by: Dr. H. Laaly

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Expanded Table of Contents
Chapter NamePgs
23Foundation Wall and Underground Waterproofingp. 46
Introductionp. 1
Dampproofing vs Waterproofingp. 1
Effects of water movementp. 1
Materials For Waterproofingp. 6
Cold-Applied Liquid Waterproofing Membranesp. 2
Waterproofing And The Design Professionalp. 2
Using The Below-Grade Waterproofing Materials Tablep. 1
Longevityp. 1
Crack Bridgingp. 1
Elastic Propertiesp. 1
Resealabilityp. 1
Leak-Localizing Capabilityp. 1
Resistance to Chemicalsp. 1
Puncture Resistancep. 1
Hydrostatic Pressure Resistancep. 1
Permeability and Breathabilityp. 1
Freeze/Thaw Resistancep. 1
Shrinkagep. 1
Emulsification in Waterp. 1
Temperature and Humidity Sensitivityp. 1
Cure Timep. 1
Application and Clean-Upp. 1
Quality Controlp. 1
Compatibilityp. 1
Safetyp. 1
Seams and Grade-Line Terminationp. 1
Production Ratesp. 1
Substrate Preparationp. 1
Adaptabilityp. 1
Accessoriesp. 1
Ease of Job-Site Tie-Insp. 1
Vertical and Horizontal Applicationsp. 1
Protectionp. 1
Schedulingp. 1
Warranty Programp. 2
Available Applicatorsp. 1
Cost Effectivenessp. 1
Waterproofing Systems For Earth Sheltered Structuresp. 1
Site Planningp. 1
Landscapingp. 1
Backfilling and Drainagep. 1
Floors and Roofsp. 1
Waterproofing Membranep. 1
Recent Studies On Non-Roofing Waterproofing-An Overviewp. 5
Foundation Wall & Underground Waterproofing Manufacturersp. 1
Waterproofing Material Manufacturers And Suppliersp. 2
References And Further Readingp. 1
Waterproofing Of Earth Shelters, Pools, Reservoirsp. 1
Foreign Waterproofing Articlesp. 2
Waterproofing/Dampproofing Articles, Papers, Researchp. 2
Concrete Waterproofingp. 1

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